Shoot with Marissa & Drea

Ayye, peeps. So I got to do another shoot this weekend with two killer chikas, sisters Drea & Marissa. They came over to the 'studio' and we just went from there, had a lot of fun! Anyways, check the pics after the jump. You can view the entire set by clicking HERE

Series FavSeries Fav

Series FavSeries Fav

Series FavSeries Fav

Promo shoot with Cetas Aspire

Ayye all, just got done editing pics from the awesome shoot I had with the group Cetas Aspire. Actually, I should say I just got done NOT editing the pictures. Other than the black & whites and the "grungy" pictures, everything else is straight off the camera. As usual, click here to check the shots, but check out a few of my favs from the set below:

CetasAspire_B&W (4 of 13)CetasAspire_Solos-1CetasAspire_Solos-21
CetasAspire_Wood-6 copyCetasAspire_Group-3CetasAspire_Wood-2 copy

TopherFest III

Not one, but TWO posts in one day? Im crazy, I know. Anyways, heres the pics from TopherFest III. Some of these came out pretty dang legit for a live show. Bands include Cetus Aspire, Yesterdays Rising, In Fear And Faith, Lower Definition, and a boat load more. Check here to see the whole set, as there are some d-o-p-e shots!!


Club ENVY @ the Stampede

Hey all, I am SOOO sorry for taking such a long time to upload these pics. I have been absolutely swamped with other projects that this had to take back seat. But, as promised, I am delivering! Heres some of my fav's from the night, but CLICK HERE to find the whole set and get your pic! Also, if you're using my pic on your myspace, hit me up! Click here to get to my myspace!



New Years Eve @ the Temecula Stampede

Happy new years everyone! Firstly, I'd like to say I had an excellent time shooting at last nights NYE celebration at the Temecula Stampede. Some fun, and..."interesting" moments!

As usual, here are a few of my personal favs from the evening. To view the entire set, simply click here! If there are any pictures you would like printouts of, please contact me with the photo number from the set. I provide a variety of print options including wallets, 4x7's, 8x10's and more. All prints are water-mark free, as well.


For all you that have a myspace, feel free to add me. I'm always out doing some sort of shoot, taking pictures at parties and shows...all that good stuff! Just click here!

Happy 2009!
Pace e amore