Wedding bells in the air!

I know I knowww! I need to update this blog more often. I've just been sooo busy lately doing....ummm.....ok, thats a lie. I havent been so busy that I couldn't update, I've just been slacking. But I promise, I plan on updating this more often. Business is definitely picking up, and shoots are coming in steady. I've got two weddings before the end of the year, a few engagement shoots, and quite a few editorial stuff lined up--Thank goodness, too. With Christmas right around the corner, I couldn't use the money any sooner!

But speaking of weddings and engagements, here's a few snippets from some engagements I did recently. This first group of photos is of my good friends Topher and Vanessa. Topher just left us for Naval school, and will not be back for four months. It was a blast shooting them, and I wish Topher nothing but the best of luck! Check the entire set by clicking here.

Topher & Vanessa

Topher & Vanessa

Topher & Vanessa

Vanessa & Topher Preview

This next couple are Jessica & Jared, an awesome young couple from Oceanside. I actually met them through a mutual friend (thanks Jessica H!). They're a hip couple, and definitely wanted something a little out of the ordinary. So we ventured to these "cliffs" right off the road in Oceanside. I decided to give the pictures a bit of an artsy feel, and I'm hoping you all like them as much as I do! Check the entire set by clicking here.

Jessica & Jared

Jessica & Jared

Jessica & Jared

Free Photoshoot Fridays

Free Shoot Fridays
Wanna score a free two-hour photo-shoot? Every other Friday I'm giving away an all-inclusive photo shoot (up to two hours) to one lucky person. The shoot includes an on-location full three-light studio setup, six months of web-hosting for your images, and discounted prints(a $300 value)! Entering is simple, just follow the two steps below:

Twitter Option:
1) Follow @KulorDS on twitter.
2) Tweet “I just entered to win a free 2 hour photoshoot from Kulor Photography! Follow @KulorDS and RT. #FreeShootFriday

Myspace &Facebook Option:
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"I just entered to win a free 2 hour photoshoot from Kulor Photography! Follow @KulorDS and RT. #FreeShootFriday"

Free Shoot Fridays applicants must live in north San Diego county, Riverside county, the greater Inland Empire, or be willing to drive to me. I'll set you up with some great looking shots and cover the cost!

Have some friends that want to join you with the shoot? Tell them to come along--I'll take care of them for an ultra-low cost of $40 per person! Nice of me, huh?

The winner will be announced on Sunday morning, and I will contact you through twitter so we can set up our date!

Good luck, and happy tweeting!

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Jackie & Titus Richard wedding

My brother in law Joel Beukelman (an awesome photographer and designer--check his work here) had me assist shoot a wedding this past weekend. The happy couple is Jackie & Titus Richard. It was a fun shoot up in the beautiful Temecula wine country. The view from the location was breathtaking, and the bridal party even more beautiful. Heres some of my fav shots from the whole deal. Check out the set on my flickr here and leave some love if you please!

Jackie & Titus Richard
Jackie & Titus Richard
Jackie & Titus Richard
Jackie & Titus Richard

There are a ton of other shots from the wedding. Be sure to check them all out here!

Pace e Amore,

Been a while!

Sooooo hello everyboooody! It's been quite a quile since my last post, and a lot has happened since then! I'm not usually one for long posts, and I'm not going to change that. But in as few words as possible, heres my life as of the last few months:

I shot a few dates on Warped Tour. I met a few very "key" people in the industry, and walked out with a few numbers and emails. All in all, the tour was amazing and the bands were great. I got to work hand in hand with a few names such as TAT, TV/TV(Just got signed -- congrats, guys!), Thrice, Alexisonfire, Saosin, LoveHateHero, and I even got a few minutes with Kevin Lyman--the founder of Warped Tour! Without any further hesitation, heres a few of my favorite shots from the tour:

Jamal From IndianaLoveHateHeroTAT

You can check out all of the shots from Chula Vista by clicking here, and all the shots from Pomona by clicking here.

This is not all. Whats more, I am finally starting to get my name in the papers. I sold some work to Warner Brother/New Line Cinema to be used in the feature film "Going The Distance" starring Drew Barrymore and Matthew Long. Check out the piece after the jump.


Last up for this post is my first (and hopefully one of many to come) cover and featured article in a mass-published magazine! I had the opportunity to shoot the cover and featured article of the August issue of IE Weekly magazine. Take a gander at these gams(not much eye candy, I know--but hey, I'm excited)!



Alright, thats enough for now. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been focusing most of my time on school and on my .com making sure that's presentable.

So long for now!

Pace e Amore,

Post-its ad revisions & additions.

So I decided to revise the Post-It's campaign, and make a few additions. I also threw out the light switch, as the big boss wasnt a fan. Anyway, here's the four new'ns. Click the pic to open the full size.

Post-It's ad campaign revisions/additions

Cinema4D, the training wheels of 3D rendering software.

So I thought I'd give my hand at some more Cinema4D. I must say, as extensive and in-depth 3D programs are, Cinema4D is as user-friendly as possible. This first piece took a little over a half hour from start to finish, and I plan on writing an easy-to-read tutorial in the next few days explaining exactly how to do this.

Anyways, heres 35 minutes in Cinema4D and about 5 minutes in Photoshop:

And heres an older one I did. Not much longer in this one, but I did have to follow a few tutorials to figure out how to render it.

The Vault GRAND re-opening

Shot, hands down the best "local" show Ive ever been to. The Vault re-opened last night after being shut down for two years, and they blew the doors off. There was AT LEAST 250 people there, and each and every person was there having an awesome time. The lineup included a bunch of bands Ive worked with before, and a bunch of bands I hope to work with in the future. Setlist was Seventh Armada, Planes Crash, Chapters(my new favorite band), Cetas Aspire, Yesterdays Rising, and Seven Ages. Click here for the entire album from the night!


New Business Cards & Post-It's Ad Campaign

Im almost out of business cards, so I decided to use the opportunity to design a new one. I'd like to thank Twitter, Polaroid, and Steve Martin for the inspiration. Id also like to add that I ordered these with rounded edges, so Im actually in the dark in knowing what the final layout is gonna look like.

New business card mockup

Next up is a three-up magazine ad campaign I'm doing for Post-It's®. Just went all simple-visual in this; nothing fancy or too graphic. Click on the picture to view the larger version.

Post-It's three-roll ad campaign

Temecula Music Festivle

So I hit up the Temecula Music Fest on Friday afternoon to catch some of my friends playing, got some decent shots. Check out the entire set here in the Live ISH section. Heres some of my favs:

Shoot with Lindsey Nash

Gonna be a a long post today, as I've had a lot of work to write up about! I recently shot with Lindsey Erin Nash, an up and coming musician from San Diego. Bit of a story; I've known Lindsey for almost 10 years. We went to middle school together, but I havent actually seen her since then. We caught up and nailed a really good shoot last Sunday, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. As usual, here are my favorites from the shoot. Please check the entire set here.

Lindsey_Nash_Shoot (30 of 30)
Lindsey_Nash_Shoot (12 of 30)

Stay tuned and keep an eye out here later today. Im going to be adding Cetas Aspire's promos in about an hour!

Theres a tea party a brewin!

Its a good thing I am an avid tea drinker, because there was enough floating around the cities on April 15th to get a lifetimes full. I decided to go out and shoot one of the (smaller albeit) gatherings in Temecula, put on by Zane, a friend of the loverly Stacey Goetting (who's pictures you can see by browsing back a few articles). Took a lot of shots, saw a lot of interesting people. All in all it was fun and interesting. Heres a few of my favs from the day, but click here to view the whole set.

TeaParty (29 of 35)
TeaParty (22 of 35)TeaParty (1 of 35)