The Vault GRAND re-opening

Shot, hands down the best "local" show Ive ever been to. The Vault re-opened last night after being shut down for two years, and they blew the doors off. There was AT LEAST 250 people there, and each and every person was there having an awesome time. The lineup included a bunch of bands Ive worked with before, and a bunch of bands I hope to work with in the future. Setlist was Seventh Armada, Planes Crash, Chapters(my new favorite band), Cetas Aspire, Yesterdays Rising, and Seven Ages. Click here for the entire album from the night!


New Business Cards & Post-It's Ad Campaign

Im almost out of business cards, so I decided to use the opportunity to design a new one. I'd like to thank Twitter, Polaroid, and Steve Martin for the inspiration. Id also like to add that I ordered these with rounded edges, so Im actually in the dark in knowing what the final layout is gonna look like.

New business card mockup

Next up is a three-up magazine ad campaign I'm doing for Post-It's®. Just went all simple-visual in this; nothing fancy or too graphic. Click on the picture to view the larger version.

Post-It's three-roll ad campaign

Temecula Music Festivle

So I hit up the Temecula Music Fest on Friday afternoon to catch some of my friends playing, got some decent shots. Check out the entire set here in the Live ISH section. Heres some of my favs: