Shoot with Lindsey Nash

Gonna be a a long post today, as I've had a lot of work to write up about! I recently shot with Lindsey Erin Nash, an up and coming musician from San Diego. Bit of a story; I've known Lindsey for almost 10 years. We went to middle school together, but I havent actually seen her since then. We caught up and nailed a really good shoot last Sunday, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. As usual, here are my favorites from the shoot. Please check the entire set here.

Lindsey_Nash_Shoot (30 of 30)
Lindsey_Nash_Shoot (12 of 30)

Stay tuned and keep an eye out here later today. Im going to be adding Cetas Aspire's promos in about an hour!

Theres a tea party a brewin!

Its a good thing I am an avid tea drinker, because there was enough floating around the cities on April 15th to get a lifetimes full. I decided to go out and shoot one of the (smaller albeit) gatherings in Temecula, put on by Zane, a friend of the loverly Stacey Goetting (who's pictures you can see by browsing back a few articles). Took a lot of shots, saw a lot of interesting people. All in all it was fun and interesting. Heres a few of my favs from the day, but click here to view the whole set.

TeaParty (29 of 35)
TeaParty (22 of 35)TeaParty (1 of 35)

Photoshoot with Zac Efron, Topher & Miss Jane

Had an awesome shoot with Topher, his brother Zackery(who has a striking resemblance to Zac Efron), and Tophers girl "Miss Jane".
Here are a few of my favs, but please check the entire set :)

CLICK HERE to go directly to the set.

From the set(click pic to view larger):

CouchNuke (5 of 10)

CouchNuke (6 of 10)CouchNuke (2 of 10)

Temecula Show with Seven Ages

Beeeeen so busy lately! Finally hit spring break at school, and I got to work the entire week...oh how fun! On top of that, my computer has taken a major crap on me and I get to reformat as soon as I am done posting this picture. You kids are lucky Im a nice guy and posting these before I reformat haha. Anyways, shot at the Temecula community show last weekend. Wasnt a huge show, but there was a decent amount of people there. Was supposed to shoot Seven Ages and Cetas Aspire, but unfortunately due to CA's singer Ryan, they couldnt play. Still got to shoot Seven Ages (again). Was a good show, nonetheless. View all the pics by clicking here.

TCC_March28_Wide (10 of 16)TCC_March28 (20 of 53)
TCC_March28 (40 of 53)TCC_March28 (32 of 53)