Artists for Autism event/Rykes B-Day party

Hey all, for the many many friends I made at the Our Nicholas Foundation benefit show, I just want to say I had a blast. I gave out about 100 business cards, took literally THOUSANDS of pictures -- lots of which are just duplicates/same poses, and hopefully gain a few new future clients and friends!

Anyways, about your pictures. I shot everything for free, but if there are any shots you would like printed out just let me know and I can do it for a very discounted price.

You will all have to bare with me, as I am in finals week, and finals at Art School mean work work work, so I may not get the pictures up until towards the end of the week, or if I feel like busting them out tonight I might just do that, but check back here periodically.

Also, if you have a myspace, feel free to add me. I'm always out personal shoots, and they're a lot of fun for all who are involved!

Just go to and add me!

Till then,
Pace e amore