Shoot with Lindsey Nash

Gonna be a a long post today, as I've had a lot of work to write up about! I recently shot with Lindsey Erin Nash, an up and coming musician from San Diego. Bit of a story; I've known Lindsey for almost 10 years. We went to middle school together, but I havent actually seen her since then. We caught up and nailed a really good shoot last Sunday, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. As usual, here are my favorites from the shoot. Please check the entire set here.

Lindsey_Nash_Shoot (30 of 30)
Lindsey_Nash_Shoot (12 of 30)

Stay tuned and keep an eye out here later today. Im going to be adding Cetas Aspire's promos in about an hour!


Erica Lynn said...

these look great

Unknown said...

wow, you look great....somebody sent me this link...its been a while...glad to see you are doing well kid....adam

Unknown said...

and btw where was theat blonde hair when you were on the toughah coast....