I feel full

Im down in san diego this morning, sleeping in my car as I usually do on tuesday nights. Wednesday morning rolls around and I wake up at about 7:40, and go to Little Italy and have a cup of coffee at Cafe Zucchero, like I do every week.

Im on my way back towards school and see a small group of homeless people in standing in the median of Friars road with signs. I dont know what it was, but I felt compelled to give them something to actually be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

So I pulled up to Ralphs, went inside, and bought as many canned foods as I could afford, using every last penny I had on me.I then walked down to the intersection, ran across the road, handed out all of the food, and got a hug from a stinky old vagabond.

I didnt care what people were thinking. It just felt good.

That was 8 hours ago, and all Ive had to eat today is a bag of popcorn, some coffee, and water. Im a little hungry, but knowing that those few people would not be hungry for at least one or two days is more soul-filling and satisfying than any food I could eat.


kennay all day. said...

GOOD JOB BRYAN! haha. oh im tracking yer blog and other people's so don't be surprised if i see yer posts right away.. HAHA! not stalkerish...