BMX & Kenaynay's b-dayday!

Saturday was a pretty dang busy day for me! Woke up, knocked out one of my final projects(perfect score on it, woot!!!), got my Chipotle & Starbucks on, washed my car...oh, and took a crap load of photos. Was on my way to the gas station when I passed by this little BMX park on some unowned land. Saw some kids there, and luckily I had my camera so I took a few. Heres my fav's, but check the whole set in the Live ISH section.

BMX (13 of 13)BMX (8 of 13)
BMX (10 of 13)

Then I was off to shoot Kenny and Raiza's huge b-day at Desert Rose. The whole set is up in the Photobooth ISH section!

RaizaKennyBday (38 of 105)RaizaKennyBday (49 of 105)
RaizaKennyBday (91 of 105)RaizaKennyBday (96 of 105)

As usual, if you're throwin these up on your myspace, please check me out and add me as well!

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