Reggae, Hip Hop, and HDR

Big post today. Been really busy lately, and getting busier. And you know what? I love it! Got asked to shoot at the Versus DJ battle last Friday, and it was pretty dope I might say. Took these at the Stage bar in Downtown San Diego on Monday night. The group is called Reggae Party, and they are exactly what you would think...a party of reggae. Seriously THE BEST cover band I've heard to date! Check out some of the shots after the jump, and click here to view the whole set.
ReggaeParty (27 of 31) ReggaeParty (9 of 31)
ReggaeParty (7 of 31)

So after I got done shooting these guys, I decided to go for a walk around downtown and just capture the late night city. I had my tripod with me, and thought I'd try my luck with HDR photography. I dabbled a little bit a few years ago, but havent touched it in at least two years. Check out the whole set here.
Horton Plaza

To end this post, I thought I'd share some pics from the Versus DJ battle from last friday. Some of these producers are legit! Gonna be working with Kid Nice and Eklipse pretty soon, too! The whole set is in the Live ISH section, so check it out!
VersusShow (28 of 73)
VersusShow (60 of 73)
VersusShow (27 of 73)VersusShow (39 of 73)

Thats it for now.

Pace e Amore,