Theres a tea party a brewin!

Its a good thing I am an avid tea drinker, because there was enough floating around the cities on April 15th to get a lifetimes full. I decided to go out and shoot one of the (smaller albeit) gatherings in Temecula, put on by Zane, a friend of the loverly Stacey Goetting (who's pictures you can see by browsing back a few articles). Took a lot of shots, saw a lot of interesting people. All in all it was fun and interesting. Heres a few of my favs from the day, but click here to view the whole set.

TeaParty (29 of 35)
TeaParty (22 of 35)TeaParty (1 of 35)


Anonymous said...

Your work is brilliant and I'm bummed I missed the protest with Zane! You captured it beautifully!